My name is Rob Paris. In 2014, through my internet marketing business, , I’ve made over $150,000 in pure commissions plus a luxury car that was given to me for free.

Now its 2015, and I am aiming for $1,000,000 in commissions for me and my daughter before 31 Dec 2015, and as I know what I’m doing, it’s just a matter of scaling up.

Whats does this means to YOU?

Well,  2015, one of my main goals is to help as many people as possible quit their day-job by replacing it with a home-based  online, internet marketing business.

If you like your j.o.b, what I want to help you with is to get an extra income on the side, at least $100,000.

It can be pretty easy.. yes, it will require time and money to get started, and your success is 100% your responsibility, however, with my help it might be a lot easier for you as I know how to do it and if you ask, I’ll tell you.

Lets be extra serious for a second, ok?

If I can do it, from Sweden with ‘bad’ english, no background in marketing, dyslexia and adhd: YOU CAN DO IT, trust me you can. I believe in you, I really do, its not a cheesy statement I put here to make it look good, it looks pretty ridicules, but I really do.

I believe you have the fire within that want to achieve your goals, you feel you want, and can achieve more and just step up and be more of who you really are, and allow yourself to be YOU 100%, not caring about what “others/they” think.

You have the fire within that wants do this and change your life, or at least make it better, and really live it as YOU want it, not like anyone else want you to live.

Yet, 9 out of 10 people will not do this.
There are 10 reasons for this.

1. They are looking for a “make $150/hour from home by doing data entry kind of job”. If you want to know, I’ve hired people for the last three years and data entry is paid an average of $10/hour, if you are lucky.

 2. They are looking for a business with zero start-up costs. There isn’t any. Even if you could save money by investing time, it is a losers game in the end. You can invest 10 hours to save $50 but you could also work a day job 10 hours and earn $100.

3. They are not willing to put in the effort. Being optimistic helps. Having a positive mindset helps. Having fun, helps, a lot. But simply thinking about making money online is not the same thing as doing it. In order to succeed, in anything, you have to complete some tasks. Nothing can replace this.

4. They do not believe that they can actually achieve it. You can not outgrow your image of yourself. If you see yourself as a person that can earn $10,000/year, you’ll earn just that. The same works for $100,000 and $1,000,000. This doesn’t mean you’ll do, it means that you won’t limit yourself and your abilities by an artificial psychological barrier.

5. They do not have a passion and desire for learning. Everything can be achieved in this world from running a six figure business to running a marathon. The key to achieving it is to find out how and actually do it. Doing it without knowing how is amateurish. Knowing how to do it but not doing it is self-deception.

6. They do not connect with the right people. When you are launching an online business, you need to be a copywriter, a marketer, a ghostwriter, a designer, a web programmer, a VA and a lot more. You won’t have a lot of money to outsource. So it pays to know people. Knowing the right person which can give you a key advice can save you hours or even weeks of trial and error.

7. They focus on the small stuff. There are thousands of things you can do in your online business. These range from getting the perfect logo to creating your landing pages and making sure you have the perfect email signature. 20% of all these tasks will create 80% of the results. Focus on that 20%. For me, this is getting quality traffic and optimizing my sales funnels.

8. They think they are special, in a positive or negative way. The facts are simple. You may be smarter or less smarter, you may have a good childhood or not, the rules are the same for everyone. To achieve success you need to define your goal, determine the plan, execute it and tweak based on the feedback you are getting. This applies both to the richest CEO and to the person who thinks he or she could never succeed.

9. They give up way too soon. Life is not a computer game. You don’t do this and get that right away. It is not a game where you are a knight who upgrades his sword every 15 minutes and grows in power every 30. Sometimes in life you will do something now and see the results in six months. So the key to success is that if you know to be on the right path, keep doing it until you achieve results.

10. They get distracted. It is very easy to fall for every get money online scam and gimmick out there. Some promise you $500,000 in the next months by doing nothing at all but copy paste. Good luck with them. The only people who got rich were the creators of the products. Others tell you that you can earn the equivalent of a out of college job by staying home and posting on forums. Good luck with that too. I’ve hired someone for $4/hour to do this. Don’t fall for the quick fix. Find what works by seeing what others have done and stick with it until the end.

These are the ten reasons why most people will not succeed online.

Are you one of them? No matter if you are or not, you can change and achieve what you want. But the choice is yours. On this site, you are going to find blog posts, reports, videos and a lot more about how to create a profitable online business, an Internet Marketing Profit Machine (IM Profit Machine). All of these are based on my own personal experience.

With that being said, I’d like to welcome you. You can review the information on this site or you can even jump on my latest report. This is 100% free and it teaches you the three business models I’ve used to build an online empire.

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Take care,