“Those who say it can’t be done should get out of the way of those doing it.”

You may be asking who is Rob Paris.

To put it simply, I am the man who loves personal achievement. The kind of person that believes that you can achieve anything you desire in life by helping others what they want.

As you may know, Internet entrepreneurs do not usually fall into the suit & tie cliché. If you see one of us on the street, you would not automatically assume that I have made over $100,000 in the last six months or that I’ve won a free Mercedes through the MOBE Merc program.

You may see instead a rebellious man, someone who you would find in the front row of a rock concert, someone who is lives his life to the edge without any responsibility to anyone or anything. You would be wrong. Why?

Because even if I am an accomplished internationally touring rock guitarist for the band Danger (stylized DANGER), when I get home, in my office, everything changes. I power up my multi-display workstation and from there, I manage a dozen freelancers, an successful online business with MOBE and a few ventures of my own.

When weekend comes …

… I leave everything aside and relax, just as your usual young adult but when business is in order, I transform into a focused, competent online entrepreneur who has only one goal in mind – to earn as much money as possible by providing tangible value and service to others.

This kind of focus and dedication brought me to the top of MOBE and made me one of the few successful online entrepreneurs that has something to actually show. A big responsive list, an average income of at least $10,000 each month, peaking at $60,000 and a discipline of execution that you can hardly find even in a Fortune 500 corporation.

How have I’ve reached this kind of level of success?

I don’t have an MBA. I haven’t worked in a big corporation before going solo. I don’t network at cocktail parties with the top players in the business industry. No. I’m passionate about what I do and I never, ever give up. I follow the words of Winston Churchill as a mantra.

Never, never, never, never give up.”

This simple mantra helped me a lot in my life. It had helped me when the bills were high and the results were virtually non-existent. It had helped me when I’ve hit several obstacles in my businesses and everyone told me to give up. I can’t give up. As long as I’m alive and I’m able to work, I’m not giving up. Neither should you.

In the last four years, I have achieved several milestones in my life. Among them are:

– I have launched two products of my own, both being popular both in my home country of Sweden and internationally.

– I became a father. My daughter Kelly and my amazing wife are my primary two muses for success. I don’t need to listen to motivational materials. When I know that I want the best for my daughter and it’s harder and harder for someone to get by in this world, I get fired up and ready to work.

– I’ve achieved success as a musician and songwriter. While I can’t say that this made me rich, my career in the music industry was my primary way of financing myself while I was building my online business. Plus, this is my passion that I would do for free any day of the week.

– I’ve became a top kick boxer in Sweden. I am not a violent person and I believe in reason a lot more than in violence. However, kickboxing helped me discipline myself and it’s one of the reasons why if I have an idea, I’ll always get it done, to completion.

I’m a big believer in having a reason why. A reason for doing something. When you don’t have a reason, it’s hard to take productive action.

My reason why …

… for entering this industry and getting to the top of it is my desire to help others. I consider that there is enough wealth for every one of us to be happy and fulfilled and the role of any Internet marketer is to help other person get a part of this wealth.

This is why for the last year, I have focused almost exclusively on promoting the MOBE (My Online Business Empire) products. These are amazing products, among if not the best in the industry. They’ve helped countless people achieve online success and in turn, it helped me provide the best possible life for my family and the time to focus on my other passions.

How can I help you?

If you have an idea or an existing business, I’d like to help you. I can help you by providing coaching, mentorship and even venture capital. In other words, I can be the person that has been there and done it all and which can save you months and even years from your road to success.

Since in the last two years I have received hundred of requests for help, some of them being accompanied by obscene sums of money, I have two major rules when picking someone.

The first one is that you must be a goal oriented, optimistic, action driven person. I don’t like people who complain too much since I consider themselves a mental and emotional drain. Life is not easy. I know that. But if you spend your time doing something instead of complaining about it, you’ll make it easier.

Second is that your idea and business model must be sound. What worked in 2005 may not work in 2014. What works today may not work in two years. The business world is evolving and changing, just like everything else. If your business idea is sound, I’ll be interested in it. If it sounds like a fantasy and the numbers don’t add up, I won’t be able to help you.

This sums it up.

To contact me with requests for help, collaborations, joint ventures (I am interested in conducting joint ventures with people in the biz op niche especially), mentorship or anything else of value, please contact me at robparis@robparisempire.com.

Thank you and make today the best day of this year. You can do it.