There are many evident factors that offering pricey items makes more sense than offering low-priced items.

  • You need to make fewer sales to make more money
  • You need to inventory less product
  • You gain from higher margins and therefore higher earnings
  • You procedure fewer deals which means lower processing fees
  • You ship fewer products, which means lower shipping and labor charges But there are a few strange reasons you may not have actually thought about.

Unusual reason # 1. Individuals who purchase costly items are much more most likely to in fact use those products and take advantage of them.

As odd as it may seem, individuals who pay for a $1000 coaching session, are more probable to implement that guidance than they are to execute the SAME SUGGESTIONS if it originates from a $19 ebook.

People just do not value or implement “cheap” guidance. No matter how excellent it is.

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However, the higher implementation rate of high priced products means more success stories, meanings that more glowing testimonials, meanings more sales for you. It’s a revenue machine.

Strange factor # 2. People who buy pricey items complain less than individuals who purchase high priced items.

Once again, it appears unusual. You ‘d believe that the more money you spend on an item, the more discerning and particular you’d be. But that’s not the case.

As Tim Ferriss explains in his bestseller, The 4-Hour Workweek,.

“Higher prices draws in lower-maintenance clients (much better credit, fewer complaints/questions, less returns, and so on) It’s less headache. This is HUGE”.

Price shoppers and penny pinchers are generally a discomfort in the backside on many levels. If you’re not selling high-ticket, high-profit, low-maintenance products in your business, then discover how you can make $1000, $3000 and $5000 commissions without ever picking up the phone here …

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About the Author: Rob Paris is a rock composer and player turned entrepreneur. On his website and through his books and courses, he promotes a healthy and rational framework for achieving financial freedom. He believes that anything is achievable as long as the effort, technique and passion is poured in. If you would like to understand his life and business philosophy, click here to get your free copy of “FREE INSIDER MAGAZINE”.