Since I’ve started my pursuit to financial freedom, I have gathered many testimonials for my own products and MOBE. These are from people just like you and me. Most of them started from zero, without any experience or help and achieved amazing results in online marketing. Here you can find their testimonials from how I’ve been able to help them, either through my products or services.



Deborah Robertson has a quality that most people in the IM field do not – her work ethic. Because she is a senior and has a lot of life experience, she is able to bring real life world maturity to the field of Internet Marketing. She combines these two for amazing results.

Every time I speak with Deborah I feel both flattered and inspired. For her it is about systematic, good execution. No tricks, no shortcuts. Thanks to people like her good businesses became great and great businesses amazing.

I’ve meet Deborah at a MOBE Mastermind in 2013 and I am delighted to have her testimonial for you.

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Amir Mahmoud is superstar coach among the IM crowd. He’s been helping, along with his team, hundreds of entrepreneurs get past their mental obstacles when it comes to succeed and facilitated them to build a new, better life.

In other words, if you need to get yourself to get something done, Amir is your person. This is why he has a waiting list of months and his coaching concepts and strategies brought tens of millions of dollars in results.

This unsolicited testimonial was provided by Amir in Costa Rica, where we’ve meet for the MOBE Platinum Event.

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Uros Novak is one of the most motivated achievers that I know. He’s been struggling in Internet Marketing for years with different systems and all of them failed short of his expectation.

Since he joined MOBE, he used his ambition, his extraordinary work ethic and his unique mindset to build some of the best results from the group. Plus, because he joined my team, I am his sponsor and I’ve provided him with help every time he required.

I’ve had the real privilege of meet him for the first time in person at the MOBE Platinum Event and stories like these help me keep moving forward even when times get rough.

Uros Novak is a success story that will only get better.

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I am honored to call Max Aria my business partner and trusted friend and advisor. The thing I like most about him is that he is always results oriented. It is not about the effort you’ve put in, it is only about the results you get out.

This is why I’ve had some really interesting conversations with him at the MOBE Platinum Event in Costa Rica.

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